Source code

Please check out the CVS repository for the latest version.

Basic mechanism

index.html -> get.php -> ->

The main parsing is done in

This is how get.php calls xx template temp_dir
xx is the language code. The script reads the file temp_dir/articles and generates temp_dir/t.tex.

The files latex/template-head.tex and latex/template-tail.tex are used for the LaTeX code like page dimension etc.

What works:

What doesn't work yet: Changelog before CVS release:
 0.9   2004-03-08      added HTML entity parsing
 0.8   2004-03-07      complete reorganisation of the script code
 0.7   2004-03-07      various bugfixes
 0.6   2004-03-07      lists and indentations are correctly parsed
 0.5   2004-03-06      PDF generation with HTML form
 0.4   2004-03-05      first release